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9 / 80
Monthly Record: 30 players (Feb 8, 15)

February Top Voters

The_Doot_ aWEB-DEVMANAGEROPGFX posted 4 hours ago
Monthly Top Voters! 
-Player recognition at spawn in game (Player Name, Votes, and Place won ).
1st Place: 15 Website Points, 1st Place Award Badge (Website), Username Color & Glow (Website)
2nd Place: 10 Website Points, 2nd Place Award Badge (Website), Username Color & Glow (Website)
3rd Place
: 5 Website Points, 3rd Place Award Badge (Website), Username Color & Glow (Website)
1st Place: TTorsen 228 Votes 
2nd Place: luigibaby 104 Votes 
3rd Place
:  TTorsen 57 Votes
Congratulations to all top voters and thanks to everyone who voted for the server in the last month. For voting you receive Diamonds and Money in-game for our gratitude of your support. Thanks for voting!
Gandalf_1339 Great work TT!

Bugs and things!

MasterCheif DEVSkyLordYouTubeNews posted Fri at 10:39  -  Dev

Hello Utopians!

I as a developer/high staff have been wanting to do this for a while but could never get it worded right to where everyone will understand.

Anyway heres what is happening that we know of and heres also fixing them


So back when Utopia was crashing every 5ish minutes we were looking around and saw a huge farm with 300 or so hoppers and a lot of entity's eggs and what not around there. Now Hoppers WILL NOT cause lagg but the eggs and stuff did.

Heres what we did as development: We put a very low and bad limit on the server to fix that crash issue and blocked hoppers so it wouldn't happen. This at that time was a great idea, However as the days/weeks passed it was a very bad idea the way we config the clearlagg to fix our issue. What was going on and why mobs will not spawn is that a few things in clearlagg are miss configed. We being TheChampTF and myself have been toughing the config back and forth trying to get a balance between our wants and the servers needs to make utopia enjoyable agein. During that time we also Fixed our questing issues, L9 at the current time is broke we are aware of this issue! The fix is in our development dropbox but we are working on clearlagg first sense that is our main issue at this current time!

so that's what's going on with the mobs and entity's!

Skyblock is also durping a little. That should be fixed if not already fixed!


Once we fix clearlagg we will wait a few days to make sure its fully fixed on utopia then begin giving the items/mobs back that where lost due to this!


The Development/High staff are working very hard on a fix that we all think will work and that the server needs! 

Again we thank you all so much for staying with us while we are fixing the mistakes we have made with the server!

~MrJacen(MagaMan) Development


Quck Update about Utopia

MasterCheif DEVSkyLordYouTubeNews posted Feb 21, 15

Hello Utopians!
This is just a quick update on what's going on with everything!

Start off: Level 8 up is now fixed for questing! Yay! Along with that all of our Core Add-ons like thirst and Utopia Stats is also back!

Next we found the issue with the mobs not spawning, we are working on fixing that, hopefully it will be fixed before Monday (Not promising anything, please remember that)

Next! Mob Arena is fixed and is added! Do /ma join mobarena2 to play!

Lastly: Like us on facebook and twitter for updates about what's happening on Utopia!

Oh! also don't forget about the player market! I'm adding something secret in that will help with that ;) (/warp PlayerMarket)

We also have a new wild! /Wild10 to get there :p

Please Report any issues with the server to our ticket system @ http://playutopia.us/tickets Thanks!

~MrJacen Development/News Team

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