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Minecraft 1.8.1+

TheChampTF aOwner posted Thu at 15:42
Hello Fellow Utopians

We are now on Minecraft 1.8.1+

1. If you can't build or open doors, change your use deny to allow in your region.
2. Re-protect all your doors/chest and so on, old signs are dead!

Please report any bugs to online staff or on our forums, so we can get them fixed asap!

Thanks for being awesome.

Happy Minecrafting

Fritla AdminEventBuild I am so happy that Utopia was able to update the server on their own! You developers endured soooo many problems but yo ...
Clumzy_Ninja S-ModNews OMG YAY!

A quick update

TheChampTF aOwner posted Nov 27, 14
Hello Fellow Utopians

Delays: Nov 27th-28th, Dec 24th - 25th and New Year
For problems not related to applications processing/approval:

Absolute Emergency (dragons burnt the town, villagers are rioting) private message: TheChampTF

Normal Emergency (gremlins, imps and evil pixies) contact: Via applications.
We will still be watching, but response time will be delayed. Happy Holidays to everyone.

Happy Thanks Giving. We love our community, but please note a lot of our staff is going, to take a day off to spend time with their family.

October Top Voters

TheChampTF aOwner posted Nov 23, 14

1st Place: Three Week Temporary Rank Upgrade!
2nd Place: Two Week Temporary Rank Upgrade!
3rd Place: One Week Temporary Rank Upgrade!
1st Place: NinjaChez 82 Votes
2nd Place: Clumzy_Ninja 68 Votes
3rd Place
: grummbunger 58 Votes

Congratulations to all top voters and thanks to everyone who voted for the server in the last month. For voting you receive Diamonds and Money in-game for our gratitude of your support. Thanks for voting!
Fritla AdminEventBuild Congratz you guys for being the top voters! Keep it up! ...

Facebook Page Updates!

MrJacen DEVOPNewsBuild posted Nov 20, 14
Hey Utopia!

 You know we have a facebook right? I don't expect many to but we do!
Over the next few weeks ect we will be updating it to fit the current standers of the community!
- Will be making regular posts (Hopefuly)
- Post about Events/Updates on there as on Playutopia.us
- Post pics of events that have happened!
- More things that will happen in time

If you are on facebook drop a like and comment!

Hope you guys enjoy!

~Utopian Development Team


MrJacen DEVOPNewsBuild posted Nov 8, 14

EDIT: Warp is /warp utopiaparty
Utopia is now two years old! so tomorrow 9 Nov. 2014 We are going to hold a party!
We do not have a set schedule for the event due to the fact we have many things for your enjoyment at the party! The warp will be announced tomorrow before the party starts!

Hope to see you there and hope you enjoy yourself!

~Utopian Staff/Build/Event Teams!
Fritla AdminEventBuild I had so much fun at the party! Happy bday Utopia!
redna AdminMarketing
redna @ Utopia
oh wow nice I'm on the cover photo XD
Clumzy_Ninja S-ModNews What time was the party? Can't wait. XD
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New protection sytem, do /lwc to protect your chest, doors etc. - Read more at /tutorial in-game!
yeah my last was last year thebikk
Today is 12/13/14 - last time you will see a sequential date in your life. (unless you live in europe 13/12/14)
Issues on 1.8? Please read the newspost, before posting.
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