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The_Doot_ STAFFMANAGEROPGold posted Fri at 1:50
Hello Utopians!

TheChampTF has been working really hard to bring you the most up to date Minecraft Experiance, and he did it! Utopia is now live on v1.7.9 Minecraft! Also all the plugins that make Utopia unique are working as well, we are the first server with the Scoreboards Stats on 1.7.9 also :)

Also, as a reminder, the Utopia Easter event will be hosted this Saturday, 19 April. Please click here for all of the details. Also if you make it to the event, there will be a custom event tag for your Utopia Website Profile :p

Dont forget to Vote for Utopia around the Minecraft Community. Voting is a good way to support our server and also reward yourself with in game rewards. Vist Planetminecraft for details!

Last but not least, TheChampTF will be participating in an amazing charity called Child's Play. We have a banner posted on it on the home page of Utopia. the 18th of April at 8pm Danish Time there will be a gaming live stream in support of this charity. Please click here for more details and support a great cause if you can.
For the Live Steam:

Minecraft 1.7.8

TheChampTF aOwner posted Apr 10, 14
Hello Fellow Utopians

Our Developer is working on getting the server updated so we can enjoy the update as soon as we can, but it may take some time. 

Downgrade your Minecraft Client version to 1.7.5, you will need that in order to join Utopia..

If you have not been on for a while, then also make sure you are using the new client. Go to https://minecraft.net/download and then:

1. Open the minecraft launcher
2. Press the "Edit Profile"
3. Locate "Use version: Use latest version" and change it to "release 1.7.5".
4. Press "Save profile" and then "Play".

Your Java might also be outdated. ( https://java.com/getjava )

If it shows "bad login" try use the following:

-Check that your network connection is enabled, and that no programs are blocking outgoing connections.

-Try disabling any existing firewall program, or changing its configuration options.

-Restart your modem/router.

If issues continue, you may want to contact your network and/or server administrator.

Minecraft servers are down!

TheChampTF aOwner posted Apr 8, 14
Server is ONLINE!

If all goes well they should stay so, please note they might need some time to kick in before you all can connect again.

I would recommend you change your password on any site you logged in on this week!

Maintenance because of OpenSSL bug "Heartbleed" in load balancers.

There is no ETA - it's in amazon's hands.

Please note this is a Mojang problem, not a server problem in our end!

Mojang is working in alternative authentication setup while waiting for Amazon to patch their load balancers

SSH is not affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed exploit.
More info here

I will update this post when they are 'online' again

Read more about the problem here

Hello fellow Utopians!

Today we bring some exciting news to the streets of Utopia. We can't possibly keep it a secret any longer, so let's spill the beans.

The Easter Bunny has arrived in Utopia, and unfortunately he's spilled his basket of easter eggs throughout the lands. It's your task to find all 16 easter eggs. There is a unique code on each of the eggs. Post your 16 codes on the designated thread on the forums only after you've found ALL 16 EGGS. Posting before you've found all 16 will lead to an instant disqualification. Please keep note of your codes, if you loose them, you can't redeem your prize!

After all of the frantic searching, we'll be staging a Spleef contest. There is no sign up required, attendees on the night will all be allowed to play. There will be a spleef match with everyone, and the top 3 will go head-to-head to win a prize.

These events are sheduled for the 19th of April 2014 at 8PM Danish time. Come along and join in the fun on the night, we can't wait to have an eggtastic bonanza with you.

Good luck!

March Top-Voters

The_Doot_ STAFFMANAGEROPGold posted Mar 31, 14
Hello Utopians!

As you may know, it's the end of the month and that means it's time for our Monthly Top-Voter Recognition! Each month the top three voters (excluding high staff) receive rewards out of our gratitude for supporting the server.

First Place: Magaliciousness with 207 votes receives One Free Permanent Rank Upgrade!
Second Place: TheChampTF with 197 votes receives Two Weeks Temporary Rank Upgrade!
Third Place: TheBigK with 168 votes receives One Week Temporary Rank Upgrade!

Due to TheChampTF not being eligible to win, Third Place winner will receive second place rewards and Fourth Place Winner xXHydroBlastXx with 102 votes will receive the Third Place Prize.

Congratulations to all top voters and thanks to everyone who voted for the server in the last month. For voting you receive Diamonds and Money in-game for our gratitude of your support. Thanks for voting!
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