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Utopia, A New Begining

The_Doot_ @ Utopia
posted Tue at 2:16
Hello fellow Utopians! Thank you for being patient as we revamp Utopia with the new survival map and adding/changing features. We are very excited for you to jump on the server and explore Utopia and for you to bring your creations to our worlds.
Fiendmaker HERO Oh no. I think i found a flowing easter egg in skyblock. XD
Fritla STAFFEventMarketingBuild I have 1 question. I donated and got the Utopian + rank a few months ago. Will I still get the trails and the knapsack ...


TheChampTF aOWNER posted Mon at 0:39

Hello Fellow Utopians

We are currently working on the survival world

Now many of you believe that there was supposed to be a reset today but on behalf of the high staff I’m here to inform you that that information is incorrect

There’s currently no eta (Expected Time of Arrival) on when the reset will be commenced and on behalf of the staff team I apologise for the confusion

I hope you all have a great rest of the morning, day or night and happy Minecrafting all.

When all of that is said, then take note that we are working on making the reset soon!

Martin Luther King Jr Day

TheChampTF aOWNER posted Jan 19, 15
Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. (was born as Michael Luther King, Jr. , but changed his name later)
It's each and everyone's responsibility to promote, teach and live the "American Dream" in harmony with equality.
History is something we may not forget and we will never forget the struggle for freedom.
Fritla STAFFEventMarketingBuild As Utopians we always support equality because it is so very important to us. I would like to thank everyone that came ...
LightningCard STAFFEventBuild
LightningCard @ Utopia
Utopia welcomes you makes me think of skyrim, High hrothgar is open to you, sorry just had to say it X3

***Critical Server Information***

The_Doot_ @ Utopia
posted Jan 13, 15

Attention Utopians!

UPDATE: Here are the rules for the upcoming map reset:
No Spawners or grinders
No Farms
No Economy items (iron, gold, diamond, emerald, lapis, redstone)
No Inventories will transfer (Including Chests)
Dont try to hide in item frames
All ranks will reset except Donor Ranks
Economy System will reset
McMMO System will reset
ChazimOne I completely understand resetting the map, something that's been inherent with Minecraft due to terrain generation updat ...
THEBIGKCHEVY This is unfortunate. Good thing I just started building the Yamato; if I had finished it and I found out about this..... ...
toontown0909 STAFFEventBuild I like to think of this less as a "omg i am loosing all my stuff" and more of an opportunity for awesome new f ...

Current Events 5 January 2015

The_Doot_ @ Utopia
posted Jan 5, 15
Utopia Video Trailer Contest!

The event is about making a trailer for Utopia. It needs to show the main events on Utopia: Survival, Wilds building, Skyblock, PVP arena's, spawn, plotworld, staff and events and Mcmmo. All details here 
percyjackson13 STAFF gg Clum xD
saviorofhearts congrags clumzy, ...
Fritla STAFFEventMarketingBuild Congratz clumzy on your win! Also thank you to everyone who participated!
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It should be required that you have to submitt a survival and a creative build @Liamminecrafter9 :sick:
As we want to see what you can do all-around (:
Why is builder survival only :/
Builders needed for the build team @UtopiaMinecraft, please apply!
Episode 2 - [link]
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