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Hey we are online!

TheChampTF aOwner posted 10 hours ago
Just letting you know, that the server is Online.

Our site can't currently show it as online, we are working on the issue!

September Top Votes!

MrJacen OPNewsBuildYouTube posted Oct 1, 14

As you may know, it's the end of the month and that means it's time for our Monthly Top-Voter Recognition! Each month the top three voters (excluding high staff) receive rewards out of our gratitude for supporting the server. Remember to post a review of the server on the voting sites to help give other future players an idea of how Utopia is :)

*Note: Due to the EULA by mojang we are working out a new reward system for Voting for these so tell then all places get a temp rank upgrade*
1st Place: Three Week Temporary Rank Upgrade!
2nd Place: Two Week Temporary Rank Upgrade!
3rd Place: One Week Temporary Rank Upgrade!
1st Place: grummbunger 228 Votes
2nd Place: oOShyleOo 146 Votes
3rd Place: Baybi_Glitch 129 Votes

Congratulations to all top voters and thanks to everyone who voted for the server in the last month. For voting you receive Diamonds and Money in-game for our gratitude of your support. Thanks for voting!
iRepptar S-ModEventBuildMarketing Well done and thanks for voting guys ...

Microsoft buys Minecraft

TheChampTF aOwner posted Sep 15, 14
Hello Fellow Utopians

Microsoft did just buy Mojang.

What that means for Minecraft in the long run, we can't say.

We will try update you as soon we know anything about it!

Until then, lets gets the best of the time we have.

See you in-game!

Edit form MrJay:
We will keep you up to date if its needed! Keep in mind we don't know how long we will be in 1.7.10 so if you guys want to play don't wait for 1.8 due to the fact who knows when it will be out for server sides.
talllumpy @Fritla have you noticed everything microsfot does nowadays is a fail? xbox 1, windows 8?
Epicfire646 Everyone, get ready for virtual reality Minecraft!
grummbunger Related news is CraftBukkit is under legal attack from Wesley Wolfe via DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) 1.8 had ...

We are still 1.7.10

MrJacen OPNewsBuildYouTube posted Sep 14, 14
Hey Utopia SO as you may know we cant update yet, we are sorry for this and Champ will in time come out with the reason to this, but un tell we find a new plugin API we will stay with 1.7.10. More information to 1.8 can be found HERE

ANYWAY! Here's how you downgrade your Minecraft with the new launcher.

1) Open the launcher and hit "Edit Profile"

2) Click on "Use Versions" 

3) Find Release 1.7.10 and select it


4) Hit "Save Profile" and play away on your favored server!

Again we are sorry for this delay we are doing everything we can to update!
~Utopian Development Team

THEBIGKCHEVY So sad the bukkit developers quit...

Minecraft 1.8

TheChampTF aOwner posted Sep 2, 14
Hello Fellow Utopians

Since 1.8 has now been released, I decided to release some informations and useful things about the update.

1. Downgrading (VERY IMPORTANT!)

Want to play on Utopia?

Go to 'Edit Profile' , 'Use Version' , change 'Use Latest Version' to 'release 1.7.10' be sure to change it back when we update to 1.8!

We currently run on 1.7.10 and waiting on bukkit to update

Already tested Spigot, but sadly to many bugs on that.

2. This upcoming update adds some new features

Water Temple, New Stones and Rabbits and other things.

3. New graphical settings

Some graphical settings have changed, new ones have been added and other ones have been removed.
Enabling VBOs (Vertex Buffer Objects) can give you a performance boost or a drop, just try it out yourself.
Regarding the Render Distance: 32 chunks are only available if you are assigning 2GB or more RAM to Minecraft, however, I personally recommend at least 4GB.
MrJacen also reccomands you not using the 32 chunk render as it is semi broke and will brake your single player worlds!

4. Skins

Received a massive update: You can now have a second layer for your whole body. Guide on that here read more here
Sickflippy I can`t go on the server "Can`t resolve username
grummbunger omg ya! you see all the additions. sweet!
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