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August Top Voters

MrJacen OPNewsBuildYouTubeo posted Mon at 0:00
As you may know, it's the end of the month and that means it's time for our Monthly Top-Voter Recognition! Each month the top three voters (excluding high staff) receive rewards out of our gratitude for supporting the server. Remember to post a review of the server on the voting sites to help give other future players an idea of how Utopia is :)

*Note: Due to the EULA by mojang we are working out a new reward system for Voting for these so tell then all places get a temp rank upgrade*
1st Place: Three Week Temporary Rank Upgrade!
2nd Place: Two Week Temporary Rank Upgrade!
3rd Place: One Week Temporary Rank Upgrade!

1st Place:  David2531_lolzz 155 Votes
2nd Place: grummbunger 104 Votes
3rd Place:  Fritla 85 Votes

Congratulations to all top voters and thanks to everyone who voted for the server in the last month. For voting you receive Diamonds and Money in-game for our gratitude of your support. Thanks for voting!

Sumo Event

Barcelo98 AdminNewsEventBuild posted Aug 19, 14
Fellow Utopians,

On August 16th we had our sumo event, hosted by Shadowdudez2! We all had a grand time and enjoyed a firework show to finish it off! We would like to give a great thanks to everyone who showed up and participated in the event.

Here is a quick recap of what happened:

Round 1: xXHydroBlastXx, Fritla, Candyhat123, and oOShyleOo. It was a very close and exciting round, and ended with xXHydroBlastXx as the victor!
Round 2: Scrinnod, TheBigKChevy, KevinF5, and NinjaRocketMcCoy. This was a very close round, with TheBigKChevy and NinjaRocketMcCoy battling it out for 3 minutes at the end! But alas the round ended with NinjaRocketMcCoy!
Round 3: eli9000, BradenF6, Ponyta2000, and Queen_Emmy. By far the quickest round, BradenF6 took the victory!
Round 4: Aqubero, Minecraft0721, BananaKidCat, and oOShyleOo. A very close round, but our winner turned out to be Aqubero!
Final round: Time to determine who will win the Utopia Sumo cup! Our line up for the final round was Aqubero, xXHdyroBlastXx, NinjaRocketMcCoy, and BradenF6. After a long and grueling battle, Aqubero was the last man standing and took the title!

1st. Aqubero - $1500
2nd. xXHydroBlastXx - $1000
3rd. NinjaRocketMcCoy - $500
4th. BradenF6 - $250

That's all folks! Be sure to submit your build and skin contest entries before the end of this month! See you all in game and on the forums!

-The Events Team
kevinf5 Minecon2013 My son (Bradenf6) did better than me... And for those he beat, he's 8 y/o ...

New map, new events!

TheChampTF aOwner posted Aug 14, 14
Hello fellow Utopians!
As we promised, we're back with the second half of our August events. We've also expanded our team to help bring you more events and more fun! Welcome David2531_lolzz, shadowdudez2 to the Event Team!

On the 16th of August we will be holding a sumo event. The aim of the event is to knock your rivals off of the platform you will be standing on using only your fists. This is not a pvp event and no killing will be allowed. To ensure you don't die, you will be wearing some pretty nice armour for the duration of the event!
This event takes place at 10pm Danish time (4pm EST)

We're also opening up a new Exploration competition. The aim of this competition is to find as many generated builds as possible. You can hunt down Desert Wells, Desert Temples, NPC Villages, Nether Fortresses, Witch Huts and Jungle Temples. To compete, you must protect the full build and add it to your list of found builds. In exactly three weeks time, we will close this competition and you will be asked to post the co-ordinates of every build you've found on the forums. If it's not protected, you can't enter it as someone may have found it before you! Happy Hunting!

Join us next month for a whole host of brand new events and parties, and maybe gain some information about some cool new party features coming your way very soon!
That's all for this month, see you soon,
-The Utopian Events Team!

News Update!

TheChampTF aOwner posted Aug 11, 14
Hello Fellow Utopians

Spawn 100%  - Wilds 100% - All the rest 100%

Server is OPEN! Please report any bugs, thanks!

We've got some exciting news! Brace yourself for a brand new map and rank system! Read on to find out more!

1. Our map is in the process of being reset and is in the final stages of life. We are sorry to regret that the spawn has been blasted to a pulp and that many more player builds are now in cinders, but it's all okay, we had fun. Now seeing as we got rid of the old, it's time to bring in the new. Tomorrow, Sunday, we will have a period of scheduled maintenance to set up the new map and get all of the exciting new EULA friendly features to you. Please bear with us as it may be whitelisted for some time.
All rules will be in force again tomorrow from the opening of the new map. We would like to remind all players that the rules can be found here
2. Have you ever wanted to be a sheep? Maybe even place some cobblestone on your head when you have a bad hair day? Look no further!
We're getting a brand new donation store which will aslo comply with the EULA. Here we have exciting new ranks with lots of fun and cosmetic features for you to play with and stand out from the crowd. Get down to the donation store here and purchase some new abilities for yourself and become one of the amazing people who help to keep the server going.
3. Our new ranks are very exciting too, with interactive rank ups! We'll all start out as a member, and as we play we will earn the opportunity to rank up gaining new perks as we go. Everyone will start out as a wandering hermit, and after two hours you will be able to rank up to become a Utopian! Afterwards, you will be able to begin questing, starting with the cool new Farmer Quest Chain. This quest chain will surely keep you busy for the first month, so stay tuned for new content every month, new quests and new ranks galore!
What's more? Additional requirements such as MCMMO skills, in-game money and playtime will all contribute to your ability to rank up. This will give our economy a new lease of life, make skill training a lot more competitive and provide a real challenge for you to gain unique access to some great new content!
We would like to wish a massive thank you to everyone who plays and helps keep us going, but we still need you! Donating and voting are extremely important now, our server will need all the help it can get to keep thriving and become even more prosperous. Please keep voting and donate if you can to pay for the upkeep of the server and to help get our voices heard. It only takes a few minutes, you can find voting here and the donation store is located here
Keep an eye out for the Utopian Build Team and Utopian Event Team too. Cool new contests and events are heading your way and brand new content to help you celebrate your birthday party Utopia style is just around the corner. The build team will have some fun ways to get involved in Utopia's current affairs too.
Finally, we are wishing a fond farewell to the world that once entertained us, we look forward to seeing you again on the new map, and who knows, maybe you can be the next big thing to hit Utopia! Clean slate, new houses and brand new features, there's so much to expect from the server this August!
We welcome all of your questions, thanks for being part of our great community!
-The Utopian Staff Team

We're now having maintenance from Sunday night to Monday morning to get everything working, thanks for your patience, see you on the other side.
Fritla This sounds really awesome I have one question though. I am a builder. Does this mean all of the builders including me ...
grummbunger ya sounds exciting, and also very hard work resetting a map indeed. i would be amazed to see it happing very fast. creat ...
Fiendmaker S-Admin Sounds exciting! That shenanigans was fun too. ...

Utopia 2.2

TheChampTF aOwner posted Aug 8, 14
Hello Fellow Utopians

The community asked to keep them updated about what is upcoming so here you have it!

We have been working hard to bring you a new gaming experience.
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