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TheChampTF aOwner posted Sat at 0:10
Hello Fellow Utopians

As you might recall in a older post,Mojang updates their EULA from 1 off August 2014.

That means our developers is working hard on making sure all is ready to apply to this new EULA.

It means a big change in how we can get donations in and we need 150$ a month to stay OPEN.

Sadly we currently did not get that amount of money all months, so all donations even if it's just 1$ is more then welcome!

We provide this server, website and any development hours free of charge, but we can't keep going with out your support.

All our staff is volunteers so a huge thank you to you guys and girls, we would not be here with out you! You are the backbone of the server!

Thanks to all our great and amazing players playing here, we do our best to listen to any feedback and keep working on improving, so you can get the amazing experience as Utopia is.

Please report any bugs, as we need to fix those asap to make sure we all have a good time. Any abuse of a bug will not be accepted and would most likely end with you getting a permanent ban!

If you aren't sure if something is a mistake or ment to be that way, please ask a in-game staff member or submit a report on our forums.

grummbunger well if you do not run your own server at home, with a static ip from your host and pay for site hosting etc, then 150 a ...
THEBIGKCHEVY I am astonished that the server actually costs $150 a month to run. I'm not sure if this includes the site as well but h ...


MrJacen OPNewsBuildYouTubeo
MrJacen @ Utopia
posted Jul 11, 14
As you may know, We post about Mine-O-Rama and what happened with that. So here's a follow up post.
Well More Information is out about the event in its place!
A Youtube meet up called YouCube!
Location: 125 West 18th Street New York,NY 10011
Date and Time: July 12th, 2014, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
What is YouCube?
YouCube Meetup is the result of a drive to rectiry a wrongdoing in the community. This is a fan meetup to people who where originally going to attend Mine-O-Rama. Free, No Catch, Open to Mine-O-Rama Attendees!

Update around Mine-O-Rama

MrJacen OPNewsBuildYouTubeo
MrJacen @ Utopia
posted Jul 8, 14
Hello Utopia!
Here is an update around Mine-O-Rama,
Now as you may know Utopia was going to go to a place called Mine-O-Rama, Well some events happens which can be watched at the end of this news post.
There is still a Youtube Meetup going on in place of Mine-O-Rama!
Event time and date: July 12th from 9AM to 6PM EST, TheChampTF will  attending this, This hole thing is in BebopVox video so I will not go over it in detail here, but we can happily say, none of the server money was spent on this convention :)
We will keep you up to date on this as it happens
Remember: If you are in NYC there will be a YOUTUBER MEETUP! sounds like near or around the same place as Mine-O-Rama was going to be. It will be on  July 12th from 9AM to 6PM EST!
Location: Address: 125 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011

Thank you BebopVox for making such an Information video!
If you have questions please post them down below!
~Utopian Staff Team
THEBIGKCHEVY Very unfortunate

Happy Independence Day!

Icaunis S-AdminEventBuildSkyLord posted Jul 5, 14
What a night it has been at Utopia's very own Independence Castle. We've all negotiated around the twisting maze all to end up at Utopia's very own party bag room!
It was a blast, we set off fireworks into the night sky, with our very own amazing firework show from gingerfluff. He surrounded us in a blanket of blue, white, and red sparks - even the Statue of Liberty blinked once or twice to see clearer!
We would like to thank everyone who attended this event, if you were unable to attend and would still love a star on our american flag, please contact Icaunis in-game.
You can reach the venue again via /warp Independence2014 to view the flag and BBQ park for yourself again! The maze, however, is now closed! Enjoy the real life celebrations tonight for all of you who celebrate it!

Unfortunately, the Pixel Art Competition was regretfully cancelled due to lack of entries. If this competition wasn't up your street, why not contact our event team at /warp Eventteam! We're always open to new ideas! Join us next time for Utopia's very own relay race on the 18th of this month, who knows you could be crowned the winner!
-The Events Team

In other news, we're also looking for more members to join our staff team and GFX team.

Staff Members work closely with the community, providing round-the-clock attention and support for players. To become a moderator and join this skilled team, you must be well known within the server, be at least 15 years old and submit a good quality application here!

Our GFX team is also in search of aspiring new designers! You will be required to present to us a portfolio of previous work. You must also create unique designs for our server, some of which will have deadlines attached! If your ready to showcase your skills, why not apply here!

In the mean time, keep supporting us and voting, anything you can do benefits the server greatly!
baybi_glitch It was a really nice event. The maze was fun and the flag was such a good idea with the quartz blocks and name on signs ...

Summer Build & Skin Contest Winners!

The_Doot_ aSTAFFMANAGEROPBuildSkyLord posted Jul 3, 14
Hello Utopians!

The summer build & skin contest ended on 21 June, in which sorry the voting stage took a long time. But with out further delay the winners are below :)

Build Contest - lvg123 wins a free rank upgrade, congratulations!

Skin Contest - Twilightstar0726 wins a free rank upgrade, congratulations!

The skin contest was a close one but thank you all or participating in this event and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed looking at your work. Until next time Utopia, you stay classy.
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theres nothing wrong with the diamonds, others get them, and once in a while you need to restart, the game just gets boaring otherwhise, anyway its your choice, we enjoyed you on
i kinda doubt it. for one i mentioned the diamond problem 1st day, it still has not been resolved. i bet it is as everyone says at reset all will be gone, protection stones, any voteing reward cash and all. i did not start playing servers to startovr
you can always get everything back
i have no problem building again, stuff is always more organized when done 2nd time, i just don't want to lose stuff i did voting for, except diamonds which i didn't get anyways lol. there are no better or even as good servers out there tho lol.
grumm we are keeping protection stones and voting rewards. the only thing that will be different is ranks and map. The reset isn't even confirmed for aug 1
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