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The Prized GirlFrom Debut Author Amy K Green Comes A Devastating Tale Of Psychological Suspense A Teen Pageant Queen Is Found Murdered In A Small New England Town, And Her Sister S Search For Answers Unearths Than She Bargained ForDays After A Young Teenager Named Jenny Is Found Murdered, Her Small Town Grieves The Loss Alongside Her Picture Perfect Parents At First Glance, Jenny S Tragic Death Appears Clear Cut For Investigators In The Murder Of A Former Pageant Queen From A Safe And Loving Family, The Most Obvious Suspect Is A Fan Who Got Too Close For Comfort But Jenny S Sarcastic, Older Half Sister Virginia Isn T So Sure Of His Guilt And Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands To Find The KillerBut For Jenny S Case And And Virginia S Investigation, There S To The Story Virginia, Still Living In Town And Haunted By Her Own Troubled Teenage Years, Suspects That A Similar Darkness Lay Beneath The Sparkling Veneer Of Jenny S Life Alternating Between Jenny S Final Days And Virginia S Determined Search For The Truth, The Sisters Dual Narratives Follow A Harrowing Trail Of Suspects, With Surprising Turns That Race Toward A Shocking Finale

Free ↠ The Prized Girl By Amy K. Green –
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • The Prized Girl
  • Amy K. Green
  • English
  • 20 October 2019
  • 9781524745103

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    A teenage pageant queen is found murdered in her small New England town She comes from the picture perfect family who gets together for Sunday dinners and are upstanding members of the community When she if found dead, the main suspect is a man who has been coming to all her pageants, her biggest fan if you will Most believe he could be the killer Most, but not her older sarcastic, heavy drinking sister who has past issues of her own She believes the main suspect is innocent and has her own theory based on her previous experiences as to who might have killed her sister.The story is told through Jenny, the murdered Pageant queen s POV and Virginia, the older sister s present POV Jenny gives us insight into her mind and life leading up to the night she was murdered Virginia shows us her reaction to her younger sister s death and her own personal search for the truth.I did enjoy how the story was told going back and forth using both sister s POV s This is the real strength of this book I thought the Author wove the two sister s sections flawlessly I thought the Author did a fine job creating flawed characters But overall, I found the book was missing something for me Although I enjoyed this book at times it did feel flat Mainly since I failed to connect to any of the characters Good not great Will I remember this book months from now I doubt it This might work well as a plane book It is entertaining but again, the most I can say is that it was good not great Although this book failed to really wow me, I would read this Author again.Thank you to the publisher and Edelweiss for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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    This was a cleverly crafted novel, but one that I found myself having trouble connecting with the characters throughout It could be that they felt too cookie cutter in dialogue and action, or it could be the fact that I felt I ve already read a story similar to this one many times before I do think readers who are looking to branch into the mystery thriller genre may find this title enjoyable than I did, and highly encourage those folks to check this one out for themselves Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    Folks, I read a lot of psychological thrillers, so when a good book follows a similar narrative that I m already used to reading, it usually doesn t pan out well The Prized Girl is written so perfectly, and the author obviously is very talented in storytelling Let me just get that out in the open, because I really did enjoy the story overall We have two point of views Virginia s was my favorite and they eventually uncover the mystery as we teeter between the two My main concern was that this book checked off all the boxes for psychological thrillers, and it got a bit too saturated with secondary storylines It was probably 100 pages too long, at least Maybe to add shock value, but this story could have been condensed, and we could have taken some of the focus off the secondary characters a bit further Sadly, I figured out what happened very early on in the novel, so the remainder of it just felt drawn out It s getting harder to surprise me lately with this genre If you aren t a big psychological thriller reader, The Prized Girl will definitely be enjoyable, dark, and a wild ride If you read a lot from this genre, you ll know exactly how the story s narrative will develop Go in with an open mind, but also go in with expectations Great debut novel in a saturated environment.

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    2.5 stars Thirteen year old Jenny is a former beauty pageant queen found murdered in her small New England town The press is eager to report the details on the rape and murder of a beautiful girl who appeared to be living a picture perfect life The police are confident they have solved the case before it even begins, focusing completely on an intellectually disabled man known to attend all of Jenny s pageants.Jenny s older sister Virginia isn t so certain the police have it right and decides to start her own investigation, which readers quickly learn has a lot to do with her own troubled teen years.Alternating between Jenny s POV in the weeks leading up to her death and Virginia s search for her killer in the present, we learn that the picture perfect life the press presented is far from the truth There are family secrets ready to surface, high school drama, and a long line of suspects Virginia is determined to solve Jenny s murder and put her own past behind her.The Prized Girl had a lot going for it the storytelling is clever and flows well in the alternating POVs, unfolding at a great pace The problem for me is that the story started strong but became far too convoluted for me What was clever at first turned into ridiculous plot twists to keep the story going for about 100 pages too long Not a single character is likable and that made it hard for me to care about solving the mystery The only reason I finished was because I wanted to see just how ridiculous the conclusion was It was a typical twist ending.Thanks to Dutton Books and Edelweiss for providing a DRC in exchange for an honest review The Prized Girl is scheduled for release on January 14, 2020.For reviews, visit

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    I really loved this one I did not figure out the ending, it moved fast and was written in a way that made me pay close attention The perfect combo for a thriller Here is what I officially said about it Gripping prose, complex characters and dark family secrets propel this story about a murdered teen pageant queen to a perfectly unexpected finale A stunning debut

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    A fast paced and absorbing suspense I loved the consistent back and forth of sister perspective storytelling, and how their time lines built to an unexpected, and well thought out climax I couldn t have imagined thinking as Jenny did, when I was in eighth grade, but child pageants and a modern world can be a daunting reality indeed This unassuming and poignant thriller has immense potential to take readers by storm Galley borrowed from the publisher.

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    I would like to thank Edelweiss and the publisher for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review As soon as I read the premise of this book I wanted to read it, it reminded me a little of Jon Benet and the whole pageant scene with the small town feel thrown in The story is told from Jenny, the pageant teen who dies perspective, and her older sister, Virginia, who is trying to find out who killed her The stories weave and intertwine seamlessly making for one interesting story.

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    The Prized Girlby Amy K Green Thank you Netgalley for a copy of this ARC ebook This story is told in a back and forth story line between Virginia now and Jenny before her untimely demise Jenny was a beautiful 14 year old girl Her mother started her in beauty pageants at a young age and she was always top of the pack Through her pageant career she came across Benjy, whom I believe was a bit touched He was her biggest fan, until one day she gave him a note saying she was done with the pageant world This is when Jenny s life started to take a nose dive Her mother lost get grip on reality and her daughter One day Jenny is found brutally murdered and raped The only suspect any one cares to point the finger at is Benjy That is until Jenny s 1 2 sister, Virginia, starts to stick her nose in the case You see Virginia has her own set of problems She s a drunk who also likes to mix her drinking with a couple ambien to really forget her troubles Virginia has her own set of demons she tries to keep at bay during her investigation you see when she was Jenny s age, 14 years old at the same high school she started sleeping and having a relationship with her math teacher Mark Renkin As the story unraveled my mind was seriously doing a ping pong when I thought I finally figured out who killed Jenny Seriously at one point my mind was spinning with WTF could it be.Amy Green did a great job keeping my on my toes as once again the murdered in this was not anticipated in the slightest.

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    The Prized Girl is a tense tale of small town murder, it was a huge page turner to be sure but if I m honest it didn t quite do it for me.On the plus side the writing was excellent, the story fairly rocked along and there were emotional thought provoking layers to it that were compelling A young girl, a pageant queen, killed before her life really began, a sister who was absent, parents who were hiding secrets, this was a truly twisted tale.My problem was I didn t really engage with the characters the way I felt I should The young Jenny felt way older, sister Virginia was a bit spotty and then the whole thing became extraordinarily convoluted in the middle there Twists coming at breakneck speed, all subtlety lost, too many suspects all with the same motive Boy for one place it was rife with the perverted.Overall though it pulled things together well in the end, leaving a melancholy sense behind it.If you like psych thrillers you ll enjoy this I just feel it could have been a bit layered throughout rather than going for shock value moments.

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    When you are the outcast of the family and your sister, that was everyone s favorite, turns up dead, it shouldn t be that hard Except she was still your sister and you want answers You won t get the answers until the the very end of this non stop ride that keeps you guessing at every turn Fans of Gillian Flynn can pick this up while waiting on her next book.

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