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Four Dead QueensFour Dead Queens Three Days To Catch A Killer Two Forbidden Romances One Shocking Twist You Won T See Coming Seventeen Year Old Keralie Corrington May Seem Harmless, But She S, In Fact, One Of Quadara S Most Skilled Thieves And A Liar Varin, On The Other Hand, Is An Honest, Upstanding Citizen Of Quadara S Most Enlightened Region, Eonia He Runs Afoul Of Keralie When She Steals A Package From Him, Putting His Life In Danger When Varin Attempts To Retrieve The Package, He And Keralie Both Find Themselves Entangled In A Conspiracy That Leaves All Four Of Quadara S Queens DeadWith No Other Choices And On The Run From Keralie S Former Employer, The Two Decide To Join Forces, Endeavoring To Discover Who Has Killed The Queens And Save Their Own Lives In The Process When Their Reluctant Partnership Blooms Into A Tenuous Romance, They Must Overcome Their Own Dark Secrets In Hopes Of A Future Together That Seemed Impossible Just Days Before But First They Have To Stay Alive And Untangle The Secrets Behind The Nation S Four Dead QueensAn Enthralling Fast Paced Mystery Where Competing Agendas Collide With Deadly Consequences, Four Dead Queens Heralds The Arrival Of An Exciting New YA Talent

[Ebook] Four Dead Queens By Astrid Scholte – Playutopia.us
  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • Four Dead Queens
  • Astrid Scholte
  • 06 April 2018
  • 9780525513940

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    Four Dead Queens was being given away when I attended the Penguin talk at Comic Con back in July 2018 Before this, I knew nothing about it, but I was immediately drawn in by the promise of a murder mystery in a fantasy setting I m a sucker for murder mysteries in general, and adding this to a fantasy world seemed like a recipe for excellence.It didn t really work for me, though Part of the problem might be that this book a standalone, it seems tries to do too many things and stretches itself way too thin in the process It contains six different perspectives in total all third person except for Keralee s perspective It also contains weak fantasy esque politics, an investigation into a murder, vague sci fi concepts like genetic alterations and comm chips, and a romance that is thrown in for no reason I can see.The fantasy part and its worldbuilding felt lacking Many of the explanations given for the land and political system of Quadara didn t quite make sense to me When a history is painted in, there s a vague mention of the one king and a war before the founding four queens built walls to split the land into quarters, each one ruling over their own section I had a hard time picturing how this took place and why this was an adequate solution Likewise, the rules of the Queenly Law seem ill conceived I don t understand why the queens are not allowed to visit the land they rule over.At the time of the novel, the four ruling queens are Iris of Archia, Corra of Eonia, Stessa of Ludia and Marguerite of Toria As the title reveals, the queens start being murdered one by one, so an investigator is called in to find the killer Alongside this runs the story of street thief Keralee, who ingests some comm chips and sees visions of the queens deaths Accompanied by the beautiful but stoic Varin ooh, what could happen she travels to the palace to reveal what she has seen.Now, I know some people can read mysteries and just let events unfold without attempting to work it out in their head I often wish I was this type of reader, but I can t Just say the word mystery and I m instantly suspicious of everything And this is not a good book to be suspicious of everything The author drops a very heavy handed piece of information about a third of the way through that made me instantly figure out who must be behind the murders And yet, despite this, there is still a touch of deus ex machina about it, given that view spoiler we don t even meet the culprit until close to the end of the book hide spoiler

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    I am very pleasantly surprised here For a debut It is pretty damn good And also the fabulous buddy read with Mary helped me to enjoy this book even This was me while reading all the time Since we were reading only 5 or 6 chapters per day okay except for the last but one when we read 12 but WE NEEDED ANSWERS Mary had to suffer through numerous of my conspiracy theories and since I had so much time to think about those theories Some of them were crazily correct I have to say my theory game was on point with this one When I first found out about this book, it really reminded me about Three Dark Crowns With the title, with the cover I know it s blue, now but my screen colour is always so much down that it seemed black And I even thought that this was the last book in that series And now I just hope that people won t mistake it for TDC because this is worth reading You get action from the first page Somethings happening all the time and you re trying to connect all those dots, and then you find out that you completely overlooked something Or you did not think that it was important I like Kera She s snarky, rude and resourceful She s fun, and I really liked her, it was a long time since I liked the main female character that much This book made me laugh at the most inappropriate moments To be safe, she emptied half the bottle So no to breaking into the palace, but yes to stealing clothes Varin is cute and everything but I m not here for the cute Go, you stupid Eonist Talking about Eonists, I could not imagine living in Eonia That Quadrant freaked me out view spoiler The moment you re born they determine when you ll die But not determine, they set the date Like finding that you have an illness, but you will be fine for the next 20 years, so they give you the 20 years and then set your death date because you would be a burden on the society Or if you fail at your job, they can move the death date closer hide spoiler

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    i won t be reviewing this one in full, but I feel uncomfortable if i don t speak frankly about two harmful things 1 this book buries its queers unapologetically 2 it has a society built on eugenics and this isn t called out or indicated to be a despicable crime in fact it s warmly stated at the end that, since one of the characters has a genetic disability, that they re doing their best to fix genetic flaws after birth as well Maybe it d be great to have a world with no terminal genetic illnesses, but you re also wiping out things like Autism, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, and other neurodiversities and frankly stating people don t deserve to live if they re atypical You can t put this in a book as a throwaway comment It could ve been called out, but it wasn t.

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    some of the best characters are those who blend the line between right and wrong, those whose ambiguous actions lead to even conflicting intentions, and i am loving how these morally grey characters are finally getting the attention they deserve keralie is a shining example of this i love her character development in this story its so strong, makes sense, and is done in a very satisfying way her storyline alternates with glimpses into the lives of each of the queens and i thought this was very effective storytelling i dont want to give too much away, but the way that all of the information is presented is very clever there are twists and turns and the way the reader is subtlety misdirected is amazing i could have sworn i knew what some of the big reveals would be but i got everything wrong this kept me guessing and thats what made this book so fun for me.this is such an impressive debut novel and i am most definitely a fan i cant wait to see what astrid scholte comes up with next 4 stars

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    Thank you Netgalley for the sneak peak the first five chapters of this book.I wasn t sure how I would feel about this book but I couldn t put it down The world building and characters were interesting and the intrigue is now killing me I need to know how the rest goes Will pick up the book when it comes out at the end of the month

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    4.25 STARS such an impressive and gripping book for a debut A new author I m looking forward to read from Dream bigger, he d said Want Don t ask Take it I won t deny that I was anticipating reading this, but I was not expecting it to be so spectacular My head was spinning trying to find that assassin WOW A fun buddy read with the girl with crazy theories, aka Mischa There s been a huge criticism pointed at this book which is I m sorry but it really is bullshit I have reasons for that Go to Storytelling selection and read the on criticisms about eugenics part Sometimes we fail because we re not meant to succeed Sometimes failure is the beginning of success This was different because I think it tried something new Something that not everyone can pull off and also might not work for every reader either Four Dead Queens is a murder mystery thrown in a sci fi fantasy world, with greed, politics, intrigue, criminals, and heists, yes, but also love, caring, friendship, and family A great Young Adult debut I enjoyed that fresh mix The only reason this wasn t a 5 star read was because some small things felt a little convenient to me and that I usually like my science fiction with a little science it s just me the sci fi elements and ideas of Four Dead Queens were one of a kind, but I m of a fan of something like One Word Kill, which is head spinningly mind blowing Having something, even if in the past, is better than nothing at all And you believe memories are enough to sustain us he asked Through the darkness The playlist for this book was epic and fitting with the help of Mischa and I suggest listening to the songs while reading You can find it at the end of the review Storyline Small breath in, small breath out.There s a way in, and always a way out.In a land where a divided yet united, beautiful if complicated nation named Quadara is ruled by four queens from the four different quadrants Archia, Toria, Ludia, and Eonia the people live, some hiding and living in peace behind the walls separating them, and some eager and hungry for what lies beyond, out of their reach May the queens forever rule the day Together, yet apart But the law and the queens are all that keeps this nation which has survived the most terrible war together the Queenly Law the most sacred of them all If they shatter Queenly Law, they could shatter Quadara s stability If they kill the queens, the nation will fall apart.But an assassin is on the loose How could they stop a shadow without a name I will call an inspector immediately, Corra said We will uncover the truth And outside the palace walls, Keralie, the talented thief, does what she does best darting between the crowd with searching hands, guided by her best friend and her boss Mackiel, ready to choose her next target.But she might just end up with a different target and information on an assassination attempt an attempt on Quadara s very foundation I m beginning to realize that look on your face means nothing good will follow I patted his shoulder You re a quick learner In a tale where bonds are tested and broken, where everyone has a mask and something to hide, where they re all liars with false smiles and an act they will not drop, you might find the killer at your throat if you look away too long A lie.Another lie.The biggest lie of all.The final act.The final reveal.The cards are on the tableBut nothing is as it seems On criticisms about the ending it might not have ended how I d have hoped, yet I was in no way displeased with it view spoiler I ll admit, I m a fan of tragedies and all, but a happy or relatively happy ending, if well managed and open and realistic, will have me leaving the book in a light and hopeful mood, ready to take on the hardships of life with great resolve And this book did that So, yes to that hide spoiler

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    I think I will go broke this year

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    I received an advance review copy sneak peek in this case for free in exchange for an honest review, and I am leaving this honest review voluntarily.I completely missed that this is only a sneak peek I reached a WTF moment and wanted to know what next and there is nothing I really, really need the rest of this book I wanted to read this book since when I found about this book in September However, I already voiced my concerns that this book with its title and maybe even cover may confuse some people into believing that it s an instalment in the Three Dark Crowns series by Kendare Blake It was my first reaction when I saw it before noticing a different author name And I think it would be a shame if people missed this because of the confusion So, what can I say after reading this 66 pages long sneak peek I m excited about this book We get the action right away Something is happening from page one we are already in action and, so far it does not feel like an information dump I ll admit that I have a hard time remembering which Queen is a Queen over which quadrant and what they do there But we are only five chapters in, so, nothing terrible I like how the Queens are different, but thankfully it does not seem like they will try to kill each other And I m really excited about Queen Stessa she seems like a headstrong young lady I m looking forward to seeing where Keralie s story is going However, I can already say that I will be obsessed with Mackiel He already seems like my kind of character Though I have to wonder about the whole thief part of the story, it seems to be getting a tad bit overused The only thing that s getting a bit on my nerves is the whole Four quadrants of the Quadara A bit originality hear it would go a long way, at least for me Anyway, all I want to say that I feel confident about this book than I did before reading this sneak peek And now, can I get the whole book, pretty please

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    Wow Read this in pretty much one sitting I just had to know what would happen next Quadara is such a rich world and the mystery kept me on the edge of my seat along with the wonderful characters

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